Complex Living Spaces in Szolnok!

“New Apartments” in the solar park? We welcome our new residents in Szolnok to our recently installed complex living spaces! We hope that this part of the park will be populated too as soon as possible.

Students learnt about ways of using solar energy in Szászberek with the help of SolServices’ staff

At the beginning of September, SolServices employees introduced the pupils of Kolping Catholic Primary School in Szászberek to the secrets of solar energy. The pupils of the primary school – from first to eighth grade – were introduced to renewable energy sources and the operation of new generation, nature-friendly solar parks through interactive games and […]

Lumen Park Szolnok ready for launch: trial operation starts at Hungary’s largest solar park with 140 megawatts of installed capacity

With the completion of the transformer station, the construction of the high-voltage grid connected to the MAVIR substation in Szolnok and the progress of the installation of the solar panels, the trial operation of the largest solar farm in the country has started. The new-generation, nature-friendly Lumen Park Szolnok, with an installed capacity of 140 […]

233,000 solar panels to be installed in Lumen Park Szolnok – The first solar panels have arrived to Szolnok, and the last unit for Lumen Park Szolnok has been manufactured at the same time

Despite delays caused by production and transport difficulties caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, the first shipments of solar panels have arrived at Lumen Park Szolnok. Meanwhile, the solar panel manufacturing partner has announced the completion of the last unit for Hungary’s largest solar park, which will soon be on its way to Szolnok. SolServices has […]

How to make a solar park plant- and animal-friendly – A unique guide for the development of nature-friendly solar parks has been developed

In March 2022, a professional guidebook was put together, which provides support to industry players for the development, construction and operation of nature-friendly solar parks, through extensive expert cooperation and nearly a year of work. Organised by SolServices Ltd., the developer-investor of Lumen Park Szolnok, the publication, which is unique at European level, presents the […]

Work continued on the construction of Lumen Park Szolnok with the delivery of high-voltage columns

The Lumen Park Szolnok is being built next to the northern bypass of the M4 motorway. About 3 kilometres from the solar park’s own electric substation is located the MAVIR electric station, where the electricity generated by the solar panels can be channelled into the national grid. The electricity from the solar park will be […]

High-end transformers arrived at the Lumen Park Szolnok’s electric substation

In October 2021, the transformers that are the soul of Lumen Park Szolnok arrived at the electric substation. The equipment was transported by special trucks from Zagreb to Szolnok. The equipment was manufactured by Koncár, a world-renowned Croatian company, specifically tailored to the needs of the Szolnok Solar Park. The transformers were lifted into place […]

After obtaining all the necessary permits, construction of Lumen Park Szolnok has started

In July 2021, work started on the reinforcement of the access roads that will be essential for the construction of the new generation Lumen Park Szolnok solar park near Szolnok, which is designed and approved with full respect for ecological and nature-friendly aspects. The reinforcement of the existing and existing roads is expected to be […]