After obtaining all the necessary permits, construction of Lumen Park Szolnok has started

In July 2021, work started on the reinforcement of the access roads that will be essential for the construction of the new generation Lumen Park Szolnok solar park near Szolnok, which is designed and approved with full respect for ecological and nature-friendly aspects. The reinforcement of the existing and existing roads is expected to be carried out in three phases, with a planned completion date of autumn 2021.

In parallel, the construction of a high-voltage substation to connect Lumen Park Szolnok to the public electricity grid started in summer 2021. The first phase of this project is the clearing of the site of the future substation and the necessary earthworks. The works will then continue with the construction of the necessary buildings, the installation of transformers and other technical equipment and the laying of the network.

Due to these works, farmers in the area may already see increased vehicle traffic in the vicinity of the solar farm’s designated area during the summer. We will endeavour to complete the work as soon as possible and to minimise disruption to farmers.

Thank you in advance for your patience!