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Work continued on the construction of Lumen Park Szolnok with the delivery of high-voltage columns

The Lumen Park Szolnok is being built next to the northern bypass of the M4 motorway. About 3 kilometres from the solar park's own electric substation is located the MAVIR electric station, where the electricity generated by the solar panels can be channelled into the national grid. The electricity from the solar park will be transported to the national grid via a high-voltage grid, which will require the installation of 10 electricity high-voltage poles. The position of the columns was already precisely defined by the experts during the development phase. The structures were delivered in several pieces to these points in [...]

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High-end transformers arrived at the Lumen Park Szolnok’s electric substation

In October 2021, the transformers that are the soul of Lumen Park Szolnok arrived at the electric substation. The equipment was transported by special trucks from Zagreb to Szolnok. The equipment was manufactured by Koncár, a world-renowned Croatian company, specifically tailored to the needs of the Szolnok Solar Park. The transformers were lifted into place by specially trained technicians using a prefabricated rail system and hydraulic jacks with centimetre precision. At the Lumen Park's Szolnok substation, two 120 per 20 kilovolt, 50 megavolt-ampere transformers will convert the direct current generated in the solar park into alternating current for the national grid, [...]

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